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tv   Action News 1130PM  ABC  May 15, 2016 11:30pm-11:46pm EDT

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jeff's here with sports. phillies have been looking g maybe a little blip in the road today though. >> you may not want to watch these highlights today. they have been playing well. believe it or not phillies had been red hot, they have been one of the best teams in baseball, and not to day though. phillies with 16 runners on base, their most in the nine inning home game in 21 years. and their pitching, well, pretty bad too. they could have have used this guy darren dalton today. dutch throwing out the first pitch. he looks great. the phillies real pitcher adam morgan does not. fourth inning, walks the pitcher with the bases loaded. phillies down three to nothing
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with the red. later in the support suarez with a three run home run. phillies down seven to nothing. morgan doesn't get out of the inning. phillies with a chance after chance to score runs. ryan howard comes inch's way from two home runs. close but no cigar here in the fifth. howard is hitting .174, only one player in baseball is worse, to make matters worse how about red first base man jozy voto, teasing fans, pretend to throw the ball to a kid and then look at him, he loves being the bad guy. then voto does it the again to another fan, pretend to throw the ball, and in ball for you. phillies lose nine-four. afterward voto says this is pay back for phils fans heckling him. >> i was just having some fun with them. they give you a hard time during the game and my way of giving them a hard time back. really it is just me playing around. >> but they are awesome here. really. is there such a treat to play.
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they give you feedback. i play in front of, a player made a point to not give a ball to an adult to not give a ball to an adult giving me a hard time, so be it. >> got news is we he won series. we had a lot of energy for the whole weekend. we played well except for today. bad news is we didn't put anything together today. >> no, they did not. phillies remain one game out of first place heading in to tomorrow's series opener with miami. phillies are fighting for the playoffs. in texas, the rangers and plea jays, well, they are literally fighting. help say goes chase utley on, odor late and high on the fly and he hits back. hits him, and then, pow with the right, benches clear, bad blood between these two teams, for quite sometime. eagles rookie mini camp is over but hard work is only beginning for carson wentz, future franchise quarterback. he is still trying to digest the complex play book. the wentz will work with the
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veterans on tuesday when organize team activities getting and with wentz expect to sit all season, he knows how to hand this will waiting game. he sat his first two years at college at north dakota state. >> i knew when i got the my opportunity would i make the most of it. i cherished every opportunity i had. i learned patients. i learned how to put the team first, and that is all that mattered back then is we were winning and i was doing anything i could to help the team and quarterback and just grow myself as well and i can tell you that i was always ready. more on the wentz/sam bradford soap opera on "action news" sports sunday. mike miss until friday 97.5 the fanatic joins me in the studio at 11:45. it had has been a mess at the monster mile this weekend in dover. rain wiped out qualifying. practice blew up into flames on friday with dann contact patrick's car caught fire, causing an accident. all this before the dover 400 even starts. then a monster of a mess, with number 47, 47 laps to go,
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jimmy johnson, ten time winner, yikes, takes out half of the feel. for all have of you gear head out there, job son happened gear trouble on the restart. he finished 25th. it allows matt kenseth to get in front and get by down the stretch. he snaps his 17 win less drought to win the third time in dover. >> jeff, thank you. coming up on "action news" a rare look behind the wheel of fortune puts will board. >> we will go behind the scenes with van a and pat as they prepare for philadelphia week, that is much more when ago news comes right back.
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very special week on wheel of fortune because it is philadelphia week. >> that is right pat sajack and vanna white will show nation best sound sights and tastes our city has to offer. karen rodgers goes behind the scenes for a sneak peak. >> this is philadelphia week on wheel of fortune and path the path and vanna recently visited all of the sites. >> when you go to a city a lot, you forget about the stuff people like to see, tourist things. >> right, right. >> what you do and then forget bit and ten years laters, why didn't i do that. it was fun to see the liberty bell and all that stuff. >> the zoo, you were all over the place. >> yes, the zoo. >> and right by his side beautiful vanna white, she
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said pat always keeps her laughing. >> he always has funny jokes. he tells them between commercials. >> he keeps you laughing. >> he does, sometimes i do some work behind the puzzle board in between round. >> you croshit, behind the puzzle board. >> that is something we would not guess. >> true. >> i tried out that puzzle game. >> hi bill i'm karen. >> are you my teacher. >> i guess so. >> there is a trick. >> block will turn blue and won't reveal until you touch it with the your fingernail on the outer edge. >> over here. >> yes. >> and, yeah, so being vanna is harder then it looks. the "action news". of course, real vanna makes it look so easy and gracefully turning these letters for 34 years, in person, she is so down to earth. >> she caught me off guard. >> i wish you could have seen it. >> even nice enough to help me with my vanna pose. >> hand placement okay. >> yes. >> let me see you do it. >> i love that.
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>> she has a never evening wardrobe which by wait she does not get to keep and is fine because. >> i'm not that kind of a girl. i'm a blue jeans, tennis shoes kind of a girl. if you pan down from the waist down you will see this is the real me. >> wheel of fortune. >> all week they are celebrating philadelphia, and why are we so special to wheel? >> well, when we went on the air originally in 1983, we were not on in chicago, l.a., new york, we were only on 32 markets and biggest of which was philadelphia the fact that, the audience went crazy. we had huge ratings. within a few months we were signed by everybody. philadelphia was an important market to us. >> wheel loves philly just as we love wheel. karen rodgers for channel six "action news". that is right, philadelphia is taking center stage on wheel of fortune this week, there will be local contestants, local audience and tons of fun. don't miss any of it. catch all of the fun starting tomorrow and throughout the week at 7:30 p.m. right here
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on six abc. we will be right back.
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we want to share a special celebration a century in the making. santa a bono was surrounded by family and friend and lots of smiles as she celebrated her 100th birthday. santa who lived in norristown her entire life is one of the 11 siblings in her family and now she has three children, seven grandchildren, 14 great grandchildren and one great, great grandchild. as you can see her birthday, cake, covered all of the bases. from all of us here at "action news", happy birthday and many more. "action news" sports sunday is next on channel six. a "action news" continues at 4:30 tomorrow morning with david murphy, tamala edward and matt o'donnell and karen rodgers. >> now. >> for sarah bloomquist, melissa magee and jeff skversky and the entire "action news" team, i'm walter perez. have a great night, and great week ahead.
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it is gone, into the bushes a three run home run, seven to nothing cincinnati. >> good news is we won the series, and had a lot of energy for the weekend. we played well except for today. >> it is, what it is. like i have been saying it is out of my control. people want to make it a big situation but as we said we will have a good working relationship. it will benefit the team. welcome to "action news" sports sunday. where there is no tension between carson wentz and sam bradford and, of course, no tension between us, i'm jeff skversky alongside mike missanelli. we will debate eagles in a second but first, how about the phillies, this could be


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